Featured Minds: Julie Carlson Profiled in UCSB Current

Mary Shelley portrait by Rothwell

Julie’s work on Mary Shelley was recently profiled by Jim Logan in the UC Santa Barbara Current.  Follow the link here for a brief look at Julie’s focus on Mary Shelley’s writing and intellectual exchange; and see the quoted passage below for a glimpse into Literature and the Mind’s view of art as a means of surviving and thriving:

“She’s known for ‘Frankenstein’ or she’s known as part of this group of people whose lives are so fascinating,” Carlson added. “Both things are true. My work emphasizes the ongoing connections that she forges between the two — between the texts that she writes and the people whom she loves, fights and mourns. For the legacy of Mary Shelley is her belief that survival is a matter of persons being enlivened by texts that house the remains of bookish creatures.”

Those of us on campus at UCSB will be familiar with Julie’s work on friendship and Romantic literature from her co-presentation on “The Humanities and the Neurosciences” at the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center last quarter, and our reading of Julie’s work alongside Aranye Fradenburg’s work in “A Playful Conversation” (co-sponsored by UCSB’s Early Modern Center) in the fall.  If you are interested in participating in future reading groups and receiving notifications of upcoming events, please email litandmind@gmail.com to sign up.

Image: Mary Shelley’s portrait by Richard Rothwell (detail)

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